We are specialist recruiters for the horticulture, landscape and garden retail sectors

We are experts in the horticulture job seeker market. We are used by the leading employers in the sectors we cover who need to connect with our network of experienced and qualified job seekers. It is because of our unique reach within this network that we have built and nurtured over 12 years that they choose to advertise or partner with us for their recruitment needs.

We are a general recruitment agency who have specialised consultants for each of the sectors of the economy that we work in. We work in the Horticulture, Garden Retail, Landscape and Craft Gardener sectors to name a few

Each of our consultants are experts in their chosen field and often have worked in that field themselves and know what it means to work in your sector. With thousands of candidates registered with us and that number growing every day, this is a great chance for you to engage with a hidden pool of candidates.
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About Us

We opened our doors during the height of the pandemic of 2021, and this helped us to model our business around quality and flexibility. Our consultants are passionate about what it is they do and this translates through how we work with our candidates and clients. We have a candidate centric mentality as we are aware that the global market is driven by the candidates. This means we can help you attract the best talent through curating and cultivating the trust we have built and grown with our candidates.

Who we are

At our core we are problem solvers. You have a problem that needs to be solved, whether that is to find your next hire or to find your next job, we are who you should be talking to if you’re looking to be at the top of your field.

How It Works

Our recruiters have come from agency backgrounds but we wanted to step away from the traditional model. That model is inefficient and can lead to recruiters being overstressed to deliver a candidate at any cost

We only take on roles we know we can deliver on. We don’t work on dozens of jobs at the same time so we are always focused on quality over quantity. Our first contact will be to discuss your needs and to begin to profile your ideal candidate.

If we feel confident that we can deliver the talent you are looking for we will work with you on the fulfillment success process, terms, and pricing.

What Makes Us Different?

We could give you the usual spiel about how we’re unique but let’s face it, no one wants to read those sale pages anymore.
So let us tell you what you want to know;

  • We only recruit in horticulture or land management
  • We are a dynamic and experienced team across all forms of recruitment
  • We care about the industry and want it to grow by connecting the right employer with the best fitting candidate

We could go into the stats about our reach into the horticulture industry across Ireland, UK, and Europe, about how we reach 1000’s of people with each post who are invested and engaged with our message. Or we could talk about how we are at all of the leading trade and education events in the industry and are helping to lead them into a more modern age of job presentation and application process.

Sector and Recruitment Services

Our consultants are experts in their field and will help guide you through your own recruitment needs



Why You Should Care

The horticulture industry is what we term ‘a candidate poor market’ i.e there are more jobs than there are qualified and experienced candidates. This leads to a massive strain on your business whether it’s maintaining service levels or looking to expand.

You may have the best job offer or be the best company to work for but do the right people know about your opportunities? We often talk about employer branding and company ethos in our blog. As a HortiRecruit client, this is something that you really need to be conscious of as more and more candidates are reviewing and researching your reputation as an employer directly with their peers via social media channels before ever applying for a role. If you’re suffering from a lack of applications in the first place, you may have an employer branding issue. Let us help you.

We talk to candidates every day and we get our finger on the pulse of the market in real-time. As the saying goes, one bad experience is an anecdote, two is a concern, and three is a pattern. If we are working with you, we can provide feedback on what candidates are saying about your company.


Our recruiters are experienced interviewers and would typically conduct 3/5 interviews a week. We know what to look out for with regard to excellent candidates. After you do so many interviews, you develop a finely tuned process to identify the best candidate for each role. Utilise our expertise for your hiring processes.


  1. Discuss what form of interviews would best suit you and your business
  2. Consultation meeting on what you are looking for in your ideal candidate
  3. Conduct the interviews
  4. Provide feedback on your candidates
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Contact the HortiRecruit team on
Joeleen – 089 406 7712
Lorraine – 089 406 8694
Patrick – 089 255 7543

or by email: sales@recruited.ie

Read our recruitment tips here.


You can still avail of our expertise by utilising the connecting power of Horticulture.Jobs to advertise your position. Put your best foot forward using our experts for:

  • Job Description Writing 
  • Interview Panel
  • Salary Packages
  • Reference Checking